14 Jul 2016


Gartner Says

In September 2015, Gartner release an article stated that future of the Data Center is Software Defined. But it will not fit for all IT organization. Due to its immaturity, Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is most appropriate for visionary organizations with advanced expertise in infrastructure and operation (I & O) engineering and architecture.

Meanwhile, Gartner predict that in 2020 the programmatic capabilities in SDDC will be considered a requirement for 75% of global 2000 enterprisesthat seek to implement development and hybrid cloud environment. But it won't be any ready-made SDDC from a vendor. Gartner reccomends that customers make plans to mitigate the top risks of an SDDC:

  • Assess current IT skills and culture, and then rethought and optimized.
  • Know when the time is right to implement SDDC, starting with one component then plan a roadmap to full development.
  • Reduce vendor lock-in, one way is using open-source standards. Note that adopting SDDC means trading a hardware lock-in for a software lock-in.

MTP Respons

With MTPCloud, we provide SDDC environment in our cloud, hosted in tier 3 datacenter to protect your investment. Start from simple Cloud Compute service up to complex Cloud Protection services. Check our price simulator or directly contact us for best offer.

Summarized from: Gartner