14 Jul 2016

Software-Defined Data Centers: Built for the Cloud, Modern Apps

THE IT INDUSTRY is abuzz with the new concept of the "software-defined data center," or SDCC. What makes it different from a traditional data center? Is a software-defined data center just existing physical assets with more virtualized aspects, or is it something revolutionary? Does it rely on homogeneous vendors… Read More

14 Jul 2016

Gartner Says the Future of the Data Center Is Software-Defined

Gartner Says

In September 2015, Gartner release an article stated that future of the Data Center is Software Defined. But it will not fit for all IT organization. Due to its immaturity, Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) is most appropriate for visionary organizations with advanced expertise in infrastructure and operation… Read More

12 Jul 2016

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Consider Moving Some of…

Cloud computing is the way of the future and no matter what size your business is, it can be greatly beneficial. Cloud services can be especially practical for smaller organizations because they reduce internal IT resources and the time spent managing them. Instead of relying on additional hardware and… Read More

12 Jul 2016

How Cloud Computing is Changing the Mobile Space

Cloud computing and mobile are possibly the most forward thinking and revolutionary innovations to be enhanced in the 21st century, despite both of them not being readily available until the latter stages of last century. So how can these two industries make the most of each other's accessibility and performance?

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20 May 2015

Product Launching

MTPcloud is launched today (May 20, 2015) at Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta.

Opening by Mr. Andy Triasmono as tecnical director of MTP, continued by Actifio presentation by Mr. Anthony (right) and Cloud Protection by Mr. Alex (left).

MTPcloud demo by Mr. Budiman & Mr. Aziz.

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